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ee Phanurat-Bennett is Managing Director of Accordant Co.,Ltd in Thailand. He is a business person, Communications Expert & Strategist, and Lawyer involved in business internationally. He represents and works with HNW and ultra-HNW clients, corporations, and other discerning clients.

He is involved in the importing, distributing, and selling of high-end products in Asia and elsewhere. His company is continually expanding their range of products, services, and territory. The company is particularly interested in unique and innovative products and services and they use their expertise, experience, and established networks to gain traction in the market place.

Lee is also responsible for Global Strategy & Commercial Development for Video Analytica Inc., an established and cutting edge US company that has the most advanced proprietary intelligent surveillance technology platform & analytics on the market related to motion analysis of objects in video, image, and audio data with webcams and apps.

The company received highly competitive and unconditional awards worth $7 million from Dept for Homeland Security, US Army, US Air Force, and National Science Foundation to meet milestones and create a fully developed and proven product.

The team of leading experts have over 20 years of research & experience in developing applications relating to motion and analysis of objects in video, image, and audio data; and have published over 100 research papers.

The company offers the most cost-effective, customised, and scalable platform offering AI-powered video, image, audio event identification and event generation for use across multiple surveillance verticals. No other solution can compare or compete with our advanced analytics using machine learning to program key events.

Lee also works with business partners representing various clients including HNW and Ultra-HNW clients and corporations. He also matches quality startups and established businesses globally with high value investors. Lee also works in partnership with Brand Asia Co.,Ltd (see here).

Part of Lee’s business helps clients gain traction with customers, investors, and others by harnessing the power of communications to deliver effective presentations, pitches, and public speaking. Lee acts for clients in negotiations and presentations, settling strategy and contract terms, and also overseeing and implementing action plans and strategies.

Lee also works with and advises the family businesses, established 44 years ago, and has a sales network of 3,000 throughout Thailand and Asia.

Lee Bennett Part of Lee’s business helps clients gain traction with customers, investors, and others by delivering effective presentations, pitches, and public speaking. His portfolio also includes Selective Psychometric testing, In-depth Profiling, and matching businesses with high-value investor partners.

Over the last 30 years Lee has delivered thousands of hours of presentations as a lawyer, law lecturer, and business person. He knows that each new presentation to a different audience presents unique and unpredictable challenges. He was selected for the World Debating Championships at Trinity College, Dublin and at Yale University, USA.

Lee’s presentation experience has included pre-recorded and live training presentations for lawyers that were CPD accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales (including the first ever live broadcast for LegalTV); academic and vocational lectures; business presentations; conference presentations; acting as a Q & A panellist; acting as speaker and MC at various International receptions and dinners; taking part in and moderating presentation debates; pitches for business and investment; and conducting key negotiations on behalf of various individuals and companies internationally.

Lee uses his background, experience, and expertise to help his clients with their public speaking and presentations. When he works with clients he ensures a relaxed and fun environment which engenders an enjoyable and positive experience; there is no reason why it should be otherwise. His experience has shown him that there are a large number of people who suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking or of speaking generally); this is not unusual, nor is it something to feel embarrassed or ashamed about.

Lee doesn’t just speak about communication skills; over the last 30 years he has used public speaking and presentation skills at a very senior level in law and in business; he passes on that practical knowledge and experience to his clients in order to put everything he does into context.

In his professional life Lee could be on his feet for five or six hours a day delivering presentations to small and large groups of people; as well as delivering all-day presentations on various subjects for both law students, government departments and corporates. When you do this on a daily basis you have to be able to communicate your message effectively, to connect with your audience, and you know that you only get one chance to do that; you never get a second chance to make that first impression.

Lee believes it is important to ensure that anyone who helps with public speaking and presentation skills should have extensive experience in business, law or some other profession that gives context to what they are saying, and practical insight into how presentation skills will help clients achieve their objectives.

He believes it is right that clients carefully consider the background of anyone they might instruct to assist them with their public speaking and presentations; it is right to ask whether they have successfully concluded negotiations over many months on an international business deal; to ask whether they have used their skills to advance international cases worth millions of dollars or that could result in a person going to prison for 20 years or more; it is right to consider whether they have pitched for a contract or for investment which could mean significant revenue streams and employment for whole teams on the one hand, or on the other hand layoffs and reduced revenues.

Communications is all about context and using your skills effectively for a specific purpose. Having delivered presentations over many thousands of hours across various formats Lee has built up a wealth of experience and expertise that he can deploy as necessary for his clients’ benefit. When he speaks he speaks from experience and he knows that with every presentation he has delivered there was a specific goal or purpose he wanted to achieve.

He graduated law in London in 1990, and was subsequently called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, as well as the Bar of New York State. He’s headed teams at City of London law firms acting for professional clients (including lawyers) & advising at boardroom level.

In legal practice Lee has worked on the most legally and factually complex of cases, with international dimensions, and involving multi-million pounds. He was variously involved in cases covering contract and misrepresentation, fraud (civil and criminal), confiscation, money laundering, bribery and corruption. He has acted for clients at the highest levels of litigation, in extremely demanding situations, involving multi-billion pound cases, government departments, & law agencies, in UK, USA, & other countries. His last confiscation case involved £1.6 billion.

This work demanded excellent communication skills, a high degree of diplomacy, calmness, & authority. Lee uses his high-level expertise & experience to help his clients become polished & confident speakers who achieve their goals.

As a former law lecturer he taught a variety of subjects at postgraduate level including Trusts (Opinion Writing & Drafting), Contract (Opinion Writing & Drafting), criminal law, ethics, Constitutional law, EU law, civil/criminal litigation, and civil/criminal evidence.

He was also responsible for presentation skills training and assessment. He now also provides communications and presentation skills training to clients as part of the portfolio of services he provides and ensures that this is informed by his on-going business activities to ensure clients are given a context-driven experience that is not divorced from the realities of commercial and political life.

He is no shrinking violet when representing his clients & his calmness, sound judgment, incisive mind, & expertise as a strategist and tactician are used to his clients advantage.

Matching High Value Investors with Startups and Established Businesses

Lee also helps startups and entrepreneurs to get traction with both investors and potential clients. He works with both investors and startups/ established businesses in UK, Europe, USA, and Asia. He has delivered presentations at a number of corporate events, including in Asia at Thailand Startup week in Bangkok, and for business sponsored functions as well.

In Thailand Accordant Co.,Ltd has a business partnership with Gavin Opaswongkarn in connecting and mentoring startups and investors, contributing to mentoring programs, providing legal counsel and communications advice where necessary, and working together on various projects. He is also separately working very closely with Funds in Asia on various deals.

Lee and Gavin promote investment in businesses through connecting and mentoring investors and entrepreneurs that have investment and fund raising intentions.

Gavin Opaswongkarn built up his passion for investment through his time in Morgan Stanley, Abraaj Group and Asia Plus Group Holdings. Gavin invests in startups as part of his diverse investment portfolio.

Portfolio of Services To Help Startups and Established Businesses

As far as pitching for investment goes the stakes are high and the environment unforgiving. Lee helps businesses get ready for pitches; as he acts for partners in assessing companies for investment by carrying out a thorough examination of each business proposition, he is well placed to help Startups and others create and deliver a successful pitch.

Lee helps businesses to communicate effectively and to demonstrate sound leadership in order to achieve their goals. With his team he provides a portfolio of services to startups and established businesses including Presentations, Public Speaking, Leadership, Teamwork, Cultural Intelligence, Confidence, Motivation, Negotiation, Stress Management, and Selective Psychometric Testing

Selective Psychometrics and In-Depth Profiling Tool

Lee’s team includes his long-time friend Nigel Evans who is an internationally respected chartered psychologist whose work has taken him all over the world working with global corporations and national governments, or in his capacity as the nominated British Psychological Society representative for the International Test Commission.

Nigel uses proven behavioural and psychometric profiling in order to diagnose issues in a number of corporations, as well as delivering development solutions at the individual and corporate level. He is an expert on the use of psychometrics and objective assessment, holding the highest occupational test registration issued by the British Psychological Society, and he is qualified to train others in the use of ability tests and personality questionnaires, and serves on the Committee for Test Standards.

As the nominated British Psychological Society representative for the International Test Commission he attends global conferences and is a core member of the Division of Occupational Psychology Working Group.

Lee’s team can create, deliver, and interpret Selective Psychometric tests, as well as a special in-depth profiling tool that can be used to detect and filter people with ‘undesirable’ characteristics, as identified in discussions with each client.
The tool will measure both normal adult character traits, but importantly it will also measure a select number of ‘undesirable’ traits as discussed with each client.

Lee is a former Chair of the Advisory Board of the awarding winning DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World magazine. With a worldwide digital and print platform, the magazine is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and businesses with useful informative articles, how-to guides and news, as well as advice on how to start, manage, and grow a business.

Lee is also a Trustee of the Aanchal Women’s Aid, a charity that assists women affected by physical as well as mental, financial, sexual and emotional domestic abuse.


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